Deja View® specializes in legal video applications.  We offer a wide variety of services for the legal profession.  Since 1984, our expertise in video recording analysis, video enhancement, image processing, recorded evidence evaluation and altered tape detection has been widely utilized within the legal community.  Our services include:

  • Video Expert Consultation, Forensics, and Trial Testimony
  • Video Depositions
  • Synchronized Video with Scrolling Text from Official Transcript
  • Day in the Life Presentations
  • Documentaries and Analytical Presentations
  • Trial Director and Sanction Trial Preparation

Video Services

In addition to legal video services, we design, write, shoot and edit video programs for a wide variety of business enterprises.


Forensic Services

Video Clarification, Detail Extraction and Expert Analysis of Recordings as to Authenticity, Consistency, Veracity and Identification.

Video Forensics Expert Testimony

Deja View® Video has Extensive Deposition and Trial Experience with Prior Qualifications on the State and Federal Level Nationwide.