When the video deposition is synchronized to the court reporter’s transcript, attorneys can create video clips, search transcripts, and export synchronized video depositions to programs for trial presentation. A synchronized video is the easiest way to review the deposition, search important segments, and extract key testimony from the total transcript.

Creating video clips is as easy as using a highlighter! The new video clips can then be exported with synchronized text to Microsoft PowerPoint®, Windows Media Player®, Trial Director®, Live Note®, and Summation®. Snapshots can be taken from any frame in the video for display or hardcopy, and video clips can be easily e-mailed for quick peer review.

Keywords can be searched throughout the transcript allowing the user to jump directly to specific video segments. The user can also review linked exhibits related to the deposition, print full page or condensed versions of the transcript, and present the video in split window or full screen mode.

This is a powerful tool for both organization and persuasion.