Video depositions are a powerful tool that captures the images and sounds of a witness’s testimony. Video enhances interest, demonstrates demeanor and often influences opinion. Video depositions have been widely embraced by the legal profession.

Video is a far richer tool than the stenographic transcript. Video depositions are more likely to keep a jury’s attention. Moreover, good printed testimony of a credible witness can become great testimony when viewed in a video. And now, a synchronized video deposition to the court reporter’s transcript allows both forms to be played back simultaneously. Accuracy and Impact.

Video depositions are often used in two particular circumstances: by the plaintiff as an admission by a party opponent—as permitted by Rule 32(a)(2) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and Federal Rule of Evidence 801(d)(2)—and to depose important witnesses who will not be available for trial.

Video depositions can also be a useful tool when evaluating whether to use particular witnesses at trial, and when preparing for the direct or cross-examination of those witnesses.

There are requirements to be followed in the recording of video depositions that vary from state to state, and on the federal level. Deja View is versant in the recording procedures to be employed in every venue.

Our video depositions are charged hourly from arrival to departure, there is no setup charge, and copies are available on standard DVD, Synchronized Video to Transcript DVDs, or in compliant video formats as specified by your legal support staff.

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